Artydoty accepts the principles stated in the Law on Consumer Protection No. 4077 amended by Law No. 4822 as the lower limit for customer satisfaction in product exchanges and returns.

Our buyers can make returns within 7 days without any justification, within the right to reject the product (excluding the works in the photo category). Returns must be made as delivered, and for the prevention of arbitrary purchases and returns, return shipping charges belong to the buyers.

The legal processing time of your return request must be within 3 business days at the latest, and the refund period must be within 10 business days following this. Artydoty has aimed to realize the return and refund process in a much shorter time than these periods by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground. In addition, since the product subject to sale is a unique piece of art, it is important for our success that it can be sold on our site in a shorter time than these.

The most important factor in return transactions is that the work is not damaged in any way. In order to ensure this, the first check must be made at the delivery of the cargo. If it is felt that the package has been damaged during delivery, the return slip must be filled in before it is opened and returned to the cargo personnel.

In the event that the confirmation of the sale cannot be given after the buyer has made the payment, Artydoty will make the refund to the credit card / bank account within 3-10 working days at the latest.