Dear Arty,

It takes great merit to produce a work of art. However, the exhibition and expression of the work is extremely important in order to be sold in a healthy way. We explained the things you should pay attention to while uploading your work under three main headings.

1 - Taking Photo

In order for his work to look as it is and to express himself in a healthy way, the criteria of light, angle and background must be well set. At the same time, taking at least one photo of it with an object (vase, flowerpot, table, etc.) next to your work in order to understand its size at first glance will make the stance of your work much more understandable. There are also sites where you can do this in a virtual environment. You can click to reach details and examine examples.


2 - Attributes and Tags


Thousands of works are exhibited in Artydoty. Our art lovers will want to know the details of their works before purchasing them. For this reason, it is very important that you enter the features such as size, subject and color of your work in the qualifications section. We have a filtering system on our platform. In order for art lovers to find your work by using filters, you should enter the qualities completely and use the tags that express your work abundantly.

3 - Frame Condition

Exhibited works must be shipped as hanging. Therefore, non-canvas works are framed
must be displayed / sent as. The cost of the frame should be included in the product price.